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Books – author of chapters

Wicks A & Whiteford G (2005) Gender and occupational participation. In Whiteford & Wright-St Clair (eds) Occupation and practice in context. Churchill Livingstone, Sydney. ISBN: 0-13-013303-5

Mitcham M, Burik J & Wicks A (2005) An occupational therapy perspective. In Haight & Gibson (eds) Working with older adults: Group processes and techniques. Jones & Bartlett. ISBN: 0-7637-4770-X (pbk)

Journal Articles

Wicks A (2005) Understanding occupational potential. Journal of Occupational Science, 12 (3): 130-139.

Wicks A (2005) Older women’s “ways of doing”: Strategies for successful ageing. 2005 National Conference Supplement. Australasian Journal of Gerontology: 142-153.

In Press

Wicks A & Whiteford G. Conceptual and practical issues in qualitative reserach: Reflections on a life history study. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy

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